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Now You Can Have a Read America Associate Provide Services in Your Home or Child's School (only available in the US)

In-home instruction offers parents the flexibility to obtain just an assessment and support in order to get started using the program, opt for the ongoing support package which includes access to online materials (available only through a Read America Associate and a weekly phone consult as the parent provides instruction, or go for the full program of on-site weekly or bi-weekly instruction delivered by a Read America Associate.

An International Company With Fourteen Years of Service to Families

Read America Associates are ‘independent contractors’ working for and with Read America, giving you the security that you are dealing with an international company with fourteen years of service to families behind it.


Our Associates are trained in the Phono-Graphix and Language Wise methods, as well as our Essential Educator core courses, giving them a broad focus in Learning Theory, Child Development, and Environmental Design and Lesson Planning critical to successful application and cross-over of skills at home and school.


Read America Associates are armed with our most up to date materials, assuring that your child is fully engaged, and making the instructor's work more enjoyable and rewarding in its effectiveness.

Other Materials

Our Associates use materials specially designed for the Read America Associates Program accessible online through the Associates Program homework link and included in the cost of the program. This seamless and foolproof system allows your child's instructor to enter lesson notes and assign homework pages online during sessions. Parents access the page at their convenience between sessions and conduct parent delivered assignment between each Associates delivered lesson. The system is completely automated so that the program administrators can oversee your child's progress and our team of experts (described below) as needed.

Professional Support

Read America Associates have the resources to meet your child's particular challenges. With ongoing access to Read America's team of specialized experts in the fields of Speech and Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Diet, Sensory Integration, Child Development, Vision Therapy, and Home Education, as well as a special education teacher, an ESL teacher, a Montessori teacher, a high-school teacher, and two psycho-educational researchers, Read America Associates are fully equipped to meet the special challenges of every student.



Each of our Associates has a current national criminal records check including a sex offender search, conducted by the leading background records search firm Accufacts. This abundance of caution gives parents peace of mind when opening their homes in order to help their children.

Focus on the Student

Payments are automatically collected by Read America via credit or debit card, as services are provided, meaning you and your child's instructor can keep the focus on your child and his instructional needs.

Professional Respect

As part of a national team with international reach, Read America Associates have the respect teachers and school administrators, adding up to transfer of skills learned during reading instruction with the Associate. Read America is absolutely THE most highly regarded name in the literacy industry today. As a Read America Associate your child's instructor is part of that team.

Administered by the Developers

Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness, Phono-Graphix and Language Wise program developers and authors of the best-selling ‘Reading Reflex’ and ‘How to Increase Your Child’s Verbal Intelligence’ personally administer the Associates Program. With fourteen years experience operating a clinic and twelve years experience running a private school before that, the McGuinnesses have the experience your child deserves. No one in the country today is more experienced and well versed in literacy, and no one in the country is better prepared to provide for the needs of families in a learning based crisis.

The Assessment

The intake assessment takes 30-45 minutes with the student. It includes the three Phono-Graphix subskill tests, the Phono-Graphix code knowledge test, reading a list of real and nonsense words applying Phono-Graphix error pattern analysis, and reading a passage of text Following the time with the potential student your Associate wll take 10-15 minutes to complete the assessment form, and about 30-45 minutes to tell you how our programs can help her child.

No Associate in Your Area?

If we cannot provide you with an Associate in your area, the program developers themselves will work with you via telephone and web conferencing to get you started using the methods at home.




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