About Our Phono-Graphix Referral Service

About Phono-Graphix Therapists

Anyone who we refer you to has completed all requirements for Phono-Graphix certification under the direction of a licensed Phono-Graphix trainer and/or our central training office. Our therapists are independent members of an international network of Phono-Graphix trained teachers. As independent members not working under our control, we do not guarantee performance of Phono-Graphix teachers, nor do we place any kind of requirements on the therapist other than standard copyright and trademark restrictions. When you receive a name and number from Read America we suggest that you contact the therapist and ask for at least one local reference of a parent whose child has worked with the therapist using Phono-Graphix. The Phono-Graphix® Reading Company always appreciates feedback from parents on individual Phono-Graphix therapists on completion of the remedial course. To give feedback about our therapists please contact us.

What to Expect in the Way of Phono-Graphix Testing

Your therapist should invite you to sit in on your child's testing. We highly recommend that you do so. Four Phono-Graphix tests will be administered. Our segmenting test measures your child's ability to separate sounds in words. Our blending test measures your child's ability to blend sounds into words. Our phoneme manipulation test measures your child's ability to move sounds into and out of words. Our code knowledge test measures your child's explicit knowledge of the code. In addition to this your therapist may administer a standardized reading test of real and nonsense words.

What to Expect in the Way of Phono-Graphix Therapy and Parent Support

If you enroll your child in therapy you'll need a parent support book which you can order on our ORDER PAGE. This will give you the materials you need to support your child's Phono-Graphix therapy at home in between sessions with the therapist, and leave you with lots of extra worksheets for continued practice after therapy is completed. We also encourage you to sit in on sessions regularly so you understand the process of Phono-Graphix remediation.

What to Expect in the Way of Remediation Time and Reading Gains

Remediation time and reading gains vary greatly from child to child. At the The Phono-Graphix® Reading Company clinic in Orlando, Florida our average time of remediation is twelve hours. The shortest time in which we've remediated a client was six hours and our longest time to remediate a client was 36 hours. Our average gains are just over two years in real word reading and four years in nonsense word reading (decoding). Needless to say we do not guarantee gains, but rather we simply report these averages. We also want you to be aware of the results obtained in a clinical study of Phono-Graphix published in the Orton Annals of Dyslexia in 1996. This study included 87 children age six to sixteen, 44% of whom were previously diagnosed as learning disabled. In a twelve hour remedial course, 98% of the children reached grade level reading. The remaining 2% needed additional time in therapy. Although there is some argument for taking longer to remediate reading difficulties, we feel strongly that parents should be involved in this decision. The twelve hour remedial course is still going strong at the Orlando, Florida The Phono-Graphix® Reading Company Clinic today.

Many member therapists all over the world mimic the The Phono-Graphix® Reading Company format described above. Others allow themselves more time, especially if they are new to Phono-Graphix. We advise that you respect these individual differences in working format among Phono-Graphix therapists. And we advise that you accept and follow your therapists recommendations regarding your child. However, we also suggest that you avoid any therapist who reports that his average remediation time is longer than 36 hours.

In addition we warn against therapists who mix and match methods or reading remediation. The results reported above from the Orton Annals of Dyslexia study were obtained with Phono-Graphix alone. Mixing methods will result in reduction in the overall effect of Phono-Graphix.

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