Since our groundbreaking research in 1996, the evidence keeps stacking up. Phono-Graphix is simply the most effective reading method around.

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Education and Treatment of Children

Examining the effects of Phono-Graphix on the remediation of reading skills of students with disabilities: a program evaluation., Stacy A. Endress, Education & Treatment of Children Magazine/Journal, May 1, 2007, Volume: 30, Issue: 2

From the article: "Many of the gains demonstrated in this program evaluation are statistically significant, these students made gains on the WJ-III normative group in their performance of 7% to 10% for the elementary group and 6% to 15% for the upper elementary/secondary group rather than continuing to fall further behind as do most students in special education. As stated previously, given that the students in this evaluation received special education services, one would expect their standard score difference to be stable or to worsen. Just the opposite occurred. This finding is particularly important when one considers that the goal of special education is to reintroduce the student into the general education curriculum."