Comments from using Reading Reflex

---I just want to say thank you to the authors of this book! My son (2nd grade) and daughter (1st grade) were having troubles with their reading and coding and thanks to this book they are right on track. it is a bit confusing when it gets chapter 5 and the stories are not the best but all in all thsi book is a blessing!!

---I used this resource during my daughter's 2nd grade year. She was diagnosed with a Receptive-Expressive Learning Impairment, and was having a lot of difficulty learning to read. She had many dyslexic-like tendencies. Since she was just shy of the point spread to receive "official" help from her public elementary school, this was suggested "unofficially" by a Special Education Teacher. Her school teaches "whole language/balanced literacy", and where that failed her, this resource was exactly what she needed! We completed the resource before the end of 2nd grade and she received the Outstanding Achievement Award (95% and above) in Reading during her 3rd grade year!!! The mapping technique is still invaluable to her when she comes across unfamiliar words.

---This book make a lot of sense to me. My 5 1/2 year old daughter knows the "names" of all the letters (a, bee, see) but has not been introduced to the concept that our written language is a code for sounds that we wish to represent. Within 10 to 15 sessions based on phono-graphix, she is now reading any consonant-vowel-consonant word and is ready to move on to more complex combinations.

---This book basicly changed my life and the life of my young child. In second grade he couldn't read, the school classified him as learning disabled. I finally asked them to stop the demoralizing interventions that were getting us nowhere. I bought this book in desperation. After sylvan, tutors and teachers failed, I was able to teach my child myself in just a few months.

---My daughter (6) and I have used Reading Reflex for about a year, and we really enjoy the program. She is reading well now and enjoys reading. I will use this program to teach our other children to read.

---This workbook is the most logical and efficient way to teach a child to read one step at a time. I've used it and it works. The process simplifies the English language into sounds not just letters so a child can work on sounds that correlate with letter groupings. Did you know that th can be soft as in brea"th"e or hard as in "th"e? It's a little like taking a linguistics class but whatever works.

---We aren't even all the way through this but I just had to tell others that this is definately worth the small price it costs! My 5 yr. old just struggled with every other program we used, this one is just so much more natural~ She is just flowing right through it and really understanding reading! It is clear and simple to learn and teach with this book. I am just amazed how basic this book has made things...Thank You for writing it! Homeschooling mom to 5 children for 4 years!

---As an early reader myself, I just assumed my daugher would be just as quick to catch on to reading. When she was 3 we began our phonics instructions with the alphabet. When she was 4, we continued, but we couldn't seem to get past letter recognition. At 5, we tried reading simple books, but it was hit and miss at best. 6, some progress, but we couldn't get past basic consonant-vowel-consonant words. By 7 I was extemely concerned, to say the least. Someone told me about Reading Reflex and I bought a copy. It seemed that anything this simple and inexpensive couldn't work. And yet, within days of beginning work on seemingly simple games, we saw improvement. Within a month, she was reading away and on grade level. I can't explain what is different about it than other reading approaches, but I know it works.

---I am primary elementary school teacher and have been using this in my classroom for years. The test at the beginning of the book is very helpful to finding out what the specific problem is (blending, segmenting, auditory processing, etc.) The book's introduction changed the way I thought about reading (i.e. using letter names instead of sounds can confuse slower learners--"my name is Kathy, but you can call me Elizabeth") I would definitely use this method to teach my own children someday.

---This book contains everything you need to teach your child to read - I have progressed through this book teaching my son aged 6 how to read. Four months ago, he had problems reading the word "cat". He can now read words like "invisible".

---Over the past year Reading Relfex and the methodology of Phono-Graphix has allowed our young son, who had been "diagnosed" as dyslexic, to develop his reading ability and understanding to a level far beyound what we, the school or even the "Learning Specialists" had achieved in the prevous 6 to 7 years.

---I bought this book as I suspected that my daughter was not enjoying the initial 'learning to read' exercises in school. How right I was! We started on the Sunday after I bought it and by the Wednesday she was reading on her own (the simple stuff of course but still). I highly recommend this as way to engage your child in learning to reading. The interactive nature of the exercises and the presentation keeps her interested and the whole thing feels like a game. Can't recommend it enough.

---We bought this book for my son (age 5) who was not enjoying his first English lessons at school. Over a period of about 3 months he has become enthusiastic and confident about reading and writing and has made great progress in his class. I would recommend this book to any parent with a child learning to read. The exercises are clear, straightforward and fun. I spend about 30 minutes, 3 days a week working through the book. One of the best things about this book is that it provides my son with the knowledge he needs to "work out" words whether he has come across them previously or not. He now has an automatic response to make the sounds he hears in the words and then to blend them together to get the word. I am enjoying working together with my son ,seeing his progress and emerging confidence at first hand. The book is great!